Formed in 1983 to record and promote interest in the history of the Derbyshire village of Sawley

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                                           Past Events -2012

Annual Supper and Social Evening: Church Hall, 7.30pm.
Punch, pie and homemade puddings, quizzes and a beetle drive. Tickets must be purchased in advance from Sandra Newton, price £7.50.  Tel.  0115  8490 198

Annual General Meeting: followed by Shardlow historian Jeff Clifton who will give an         illustrated  talk about The  Heritage of Shardlow, our neighbour across the river.

Lace Factories in Long Eaton: Member Keith Reedman will talk about the conservation  of lace factories alongside the Erewash Canal, outlining the development of the industry in  the town and looking at the decline of the Leavers lace machine.

The Fitzherberts of Tissington Hall: a return visit by Ruth Jordan to talk about another prominent Derbyshire family, the Fitzherberts.

The Framework Knitters of the East Midlands: popular speaker Dr Wendy Freer tells the history of another local industry of our past.

Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum: First of our outside venues. An evening visit to this interesting museum linking with Dr. Wendy Freer's talk.

Tissington Hall:  Ruth Jordan will escort us round this ancient Derbyshire house, the
home of the Fitzherberts. An evening visit.

Harborough Museum: Following up last year's talk on the Hallaton Hoard, we take an  evening trip to the museum where some of the treasure and other artefacts found in the  local area are displayed.

The British Horological Institute: A morning visit to Upton Hall for a talk and tour of this fascinating collection of timepieces. Afternoon free to visit either Southwell Minster or the Workhouse, or both if you have the energy!

Society's Exhibition to be displayed in the Church Hall over the August Bank Holiday, in conjunction with Sawley All Saints Church Annual Flower Festival.  Open 10 am to 6 pm.

'Time Gentlemen Please':  Start of evening meetings again. Rod Pearson takes a  
humorous look at the ways we have recorded the time in the past.

The Work of the Parish Constable:  Dudley Fowkes visits us to relate some of the tales of the Parish Constable he uncovered during his work with local records.

‘Owd Ilson' Part 2: Stephen Flinders continues his history of the neighbouring town of Ilkeston.
Past Events