Royal Train

In the 1940s and 50s (and probably before) the railway ‘North Curve’ between Sawley Junction and Trent Station was used to accommodate the Royal Train overnight. 

In August 1940, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, on their way from London to Derby, had their sleeping coach shunted on to the North Curve, with the local Home Guard providing the guard for the night.

In June 1949 Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were visiting Nottingham and spent the night on the Royal Train on the North Curve.  The (now) Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh spent a night in the same place on 4-5 July 1955 when attending the Royal Show at Wollaton Hall.

The Royal Train was there again in March 1957 and October 1958.

When the Royal Train was parked on the North Bend it was the job of the Trent Station stationmaster to deliver the newspapers in the morning.   Meanwhile the GPO (General Post Office) would put up poles to run a telephone wire to the train while it was parked there.

The railway north curve has since been removed and is now mostly covered by Fields Farm Road.

The inspiration and much of the information for this article comes from the book ‘Last Train to Trent Station’.

Incidentally, John Samuel Bagguley (1870-1966) who was born in Kegworth and retired to Long Eaton was a locomotive driver on the Great Western Railway, where he had driven the trains for Queen Victoria and William Gladstone.

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