Draycott Road

This was originally called Derby Lane and roughly followed the line of the Roman Road from Derby.  It was changed to Draycott Road in 1935 to avoid confusion with Derby Road in Long Eaton. 

At this time the road stopped at about Firs Street and continued as a footpath to Nottingham Road

By 1955 Draycott Road had been joined up to Tamworth Road.  Since the Church Wilne Reservoir opened in 1967, Draycott Road no longer leads to Draycott, only to Breaston.  

The Sawley Memorial Hall committee was formed in 1944 to create a war memorial that would also be a practical benefit to the community. 

Cecil Kingscott was the secretary from 1944 before succeeding Cyril Reedman as chairman in 1958.  Cecil had been at school with Mary Clegg and persuaded her son, the actor Richard Attenborough, to open the 1948 Sawley Carnival.  This was the first post-war carnival, revived to raise funds for the hall.  Richard’s wife, actress Sheila Sim, joined him for the 1949 carnival.

The hall is a ‘Reema’ building, as used for many public buildings at the time.  It consists of pre-cast concrete panels with windows, plumbing and wiring ready-installed.  The wooden roof was covered with rubber slates.

Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sim returned in 1958 to perform the opening ceremony which was televised on ATV (the Midlands ITV service 1956-82).

The Memorial Hall still stands on Draycott Road.

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