Nottingham Road

Beyond Old Sawley, the main road was originally known as Nottingham Road from Lock Lane to the canal bridge.  The name was changed to Tamworth Road when Long Eaton Council took over in 1935 to avoid confusion with Nottingham Road in Long Eaton. 

Photo of Nottingham Road from the front of ‘Netherfield’ opposite Shaftesbury Ave, built for Arthur Kingscott in the early 1900s, looking towards Charnwood Ave.  Some of the frontage was later given to the council to widen the road.  The low building left of centre is St Andrews Chapel

The Bell Hotel on Nottingham Road was also built around 1900.  Prior to this the Bell Inn had been at the end of Hey Street.

The southbound Bartons bus stop used to be outside the pub.  It’s now opposite the Wesleyan Chapel, but the stop is still known as the ‘The Bell’.

Nottingham Road, Charnwood Avenue on the left, Bell Hotel on the right

Past Harrington Street (named after the Earls of Harrington who were Lords of the Manor) were New Sawley Post Office and the Wesleyan Chapel.

The field opposite the Wesleyan Chapel was given to the people of Sawley by the Rev Samuel Hey (Rector of Sawley 1866-1893) as a public open space.

For many years it was also the playing field for Mikado Road Infants School.

The original New Sawley Co-Operative store is now Morrisons.

New Sawley Co-Op and the entrance to Bradshaw Street on the left.  Beyond this are the houses built for Samuel Clegg around 1900.

Looking back towards the village from the railway bridge, with Monkey Park on the right and the newsagents at the corner of Mikado Road on the left.

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