St Marys & St Andrews

St Mary’s Chapel

By 1909 over 1100 people were in Sawley parish but beyond the railway.  Money was raised to build a new church on Wilsthorpe Road (the building had previously been used as a chapel elsewhere).   As a ‘chapel of ease’, services were held as well as Sunday school and other classes.  It is one of only six ‘tin tabernacles’ left in Derbyshire.  Three of these are in Long Eaton/Sawley and St Marys is the only one still used as a chapel.

St Andrews Reading Room

St Andrews Mission Room, a ‘tin tabernacle’ opened 1904 on Tamworth Road, just south of Charnwood Avenue.   It was built as a Sunday school and soon had over 100 children attending each week.   It was demolished in 1964.

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