Road Names

Road names in Sawley were altered and rationalised when Long Eaton Urban District Council took over responsibility in 1935.  This website generally refers to the old names. 

Wilne Road was known as Cross Street as far as the first bend (Railway Inn), then Back Street to the next bend, then Wilne Lane

Tamworth Road in Old Sawley was Bridge Street (up to Bothe Hall), then as Front, Town or Church Street.  These names may have been interchangeable, but on this website at least, Front Street refers the section up to Cross Street and Town Street to the section from Cross Street to Lock Lane.  Beyond Lock Lane it was called Nottingham Road.

Some streets were named after Sawley families, for example: Arnold Avenue, Turner Road, Wilmot Street (named after Sir Henry Wilmot, MP for South Derbyshire, 1869-85.) and Clifford Close (after the Rev John Clifford).  Others were named after the local builder who developed them: Mannion Crescent, Austen Avenue (named after Austen Jervis), Reedman Road and Anstee Road (after George Anstee Perks).

Fairfield Crescent is where the fair used to be held.  Netherfield Road represents the site of the Nether Field. 

Several streets were named after Dorset towns, or perhaps after the aristocratic families with the same name, e.g. Blandford Avenue, Shaftesbury Avenue and Portland Avenue.  Thoresby Road and Rufford Road are named after Nottinghamshire ducal seats.  Several streets are named after well-known writers, e.g. Kingsley Crescent (Rev Charles Kingsley).




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