William Clifford

William Clifford (1840-1907) was born near Hinckley.  He married Elizabeth Houghton in Market Bosworth in 1863.  About 15 years later they moved to Cross Street, Sawley.

In 1907 he fell out with his employee, became depressed and then cut his own throat in his outhouse. The inquest returned a verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane.

Their children were:

  • Hannah Clifford (1864-1931) married John Roper, a railway worker, and lived in Gaol Yard (Chantry Place).
  • William Clifford (1868-1933) married Mary Jane Moody. They lived at 37 Town Street and he worked at the Midland Railway Sheet Stores.
  • Ernest Clifford (1872-1915) was working on a farm until 1892, when he joined the Sherwood Foresters. In 1903 he left the Army and married Emma Turner at the Baptist Chapel.  The following year he signed on again for another 4 years.  Back in Sawley, they lived in Wilne Road and he was a labourer at the Midland Railway locomotive depot.  In 1910 he was sued by his wife for cruelty and she was granted a separation, but the following year they were back together.

By 1914 they had 3 children (John, Lilian and Donald) and had moved to 33 Hey Street.  At the outbreak of the Great War (aged 42) he re-enlisted in the Sherwood Foresters.  In February 1915 he joined 1st battalion in France. Three weeks later (12 Mar 15) he was killed in action during the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, the first major British attack of the war.  Emma was awarded a pension of 23/ a week from Dec 1915.

  • Sarah Clifford (1875-1945) married John Thomas Liquorish in 1875. They lived in Birchwood Avenue and then Nelson Street, Long Eaton.  John worked as a railway wagon fitter.
John & Sarah Liquorish
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