Over 1% of people in the UK have the surname Smith (closer to 1.5% in Derbyshire).  But Sawley must have had more than its fair share.  Some were related, others not.  It’ll take some time to research and explain how they are connected.  So, for now, his page just links to other pages, discussing various Smith families, or parts of Smith families.

      • Albert Smith (1910-1979)

    William Smith 1854-1947

    William Smith was one of 8 children of John Smith (1821-1873) and Elizabeth Bradshaw (1828-1914), both of whom were from Sawley.
    William was born at Yew Farm, which belonged to the Smith family. He married Hannah Young in 1882.  They lived at 103 Bridge Street and had 9 children.
    After retiring from farm work aged 65 they moved to 31 Arnold Avenue and he worked as a council road man for a while.
    He died the day after his 93rd birthday, just after an interview with him was published in the Long Eaton Advertiser.

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